Need help with your Oracle License negotiations?
  1. Licenses for large scale Oracle projects
  2. Know about all Oracle’s Licensing options
  3. Lower the cost of your Oracle spend

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We can help you structure and execute a negotiation strategy when buying Oracle Software

Our goal with this service is to minimise the price you pay for Oracle Licenses and optimise your deal construct to offer you the best possible outcome.
We can offer you

Oracle Pricing Benchmarks

Detailed knowledge of Oracle processes

Structured Oracle communication strategies

Pricing and contract optimisation

Our Negotiation Methodologies

The way Oracle operates in negotiating a new software purchase is both a science and a chess game. We use our 35 years of Oracle Licensing policy knowledge, and proven communication methodologies to provide you with an optimal deal.


35 years’ knowledge of Oracle Licensing policies.


Against discount & deal data for more than 1, 000 Oracle License deals.

Negotiation Strategy:

Detailed construct including discounts & legal particulars.

Communication Plan:

What to say, who to say it to, when to say it.

Our experience with negotiations

We have benchmark data on more than a 1, 000 Oracle License transactions.

35 years’ experience
Thousands of Oracle License deals
Communication Plan

Need help with your License negotiations?

  1. Need to buy Oracle Licenses for large scale Oracle projects?
  2. Need to know about all Oracle’s Licensing options?
  3. Need to lower the cost of your Oracle spend?


Let us help you.

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